Shrikant Chandrakant Lakade

July 2, 1996

About Candidate


I am Shrikant Lakade. I have 3.2 years of experience in Automation Testing as well as Manual Testing.

• I have 3.1 years of experience in Testing Web based applications using Manual Testing and Automation Testing using

Selenium Web Driver for Investment Banking and Telecom industry.

• Core expertise in Software testing which includes Manual Testing that comprises of Functional Testing and Non Functional

Testing, Smoke Testing, Sanity Testing, Retesting, Regression Testing, Database Testing, Automation Testing.

• Good understanding of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC).

• Knowledge in Testing Methodology, Agile model.

• Experience in analyzing the Test Scenarios, designing the Test Cases and executing the same.

• Prepare the Defect Report and design the Traceability Matrix.

• Good knowledge in Re-testing and defects fixed by developers.

• Knowledge in Test design techniques like Equivalence Class Partitioning and Boundary Value Analysis.

• Expertise in Defect Life Cycle / Bug Life Cycle.

• Knowledge in Database Testing on manual techniques.

• Good understanding of Postman Tool of Rest API Testing.

• Implemented Agile Methodology process in the project.

• Actively involved in System Integration Testing (SIT).

• Participation in Scrum meetings to discuss project progress reports every day.

• Performed Automation Testing using Selenium WebDriver on Web based (Browser) application.

• Developed User Defined functions to support the automated scripts. Used the Hybrid Framework including Data Driven

Framework as well as POM Framework using Selenium.

• Experience in identifying web elements using Xpath.

• Knowledge of handling Synchronization (Implicit Waits and Explicit Waits).

• Knowledge of handling Popups, List Box, IFrame.

• Experience of TestNG, Annotations and keywords.

• Experience in designing POM (Page Object Model) classes.

• Familiar with the use of MAVEN, GitHub, Listeners and Log4j.

• Knowledge of Jenkins, Assertions.


I attached my resume and also filled in the following details. Please check the following details and resume.


Thanks & Regards

Shrikant Lakade




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